Summer Weekday Fun in Denver

Explore Denver nightlife and have after work fun this summer!

Whelp, we’re past the summer solstice and past the longest day of summer: everything is downhill from here. Downhill in the most rad, skiing/sledding/mountain biking way possible!

There are tons of options for weeknight activities in Denver during summer. Summer is one of the best times to be in Colorado because there is no humidity, no mosquitos and it’s very rare that our thermostats have to exercise their third digits (people even complain here when it gets above 90 degrees F).

Here at the Pedal Hopper Denver, we decided to put together a list of our favorite weeknight activities in Denver so you can take full advantage of the beautiful weather and long days we will enjoy here for the rest of the summer!

 Thursday Jazz Jam – Dazzle

1512 Curtis St, Denver, CO. Price: free: Denver used to be a jazz hub in the Mountain West, and there is a resurgence in the jazz scene that has been happening over the last decade or so thanks to the organizers of the Five Points Jazz Festival and the Jazz in the Park events in City Park every summer. Formerly known as the “Harlem of the West,” Denver hosted some amazing talent like Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald back in the day.

There is equally good, if lesser-known, talent gracing the streets of Denver these days, really enhancing the Denver nightlife. Dazzle is a great place to find it, especially at their free weekly jazz jam every Thursday night, the perfect place for after work fun! Make sure to say hi to  host Jean Luc Davis on the bass!

Pedal Hopper Denver

2265 Lawrence St, Denver, CO. Price: varies depending on private or public tour options. The Pedal Hopper is fun. Like, super, super fun, and the best part is you get to either bring your best friends along for this ride or take part in a public option where you reserve a seat on a public bike and get to meet a ton of new friends. Pedal Hopper’s experienced tour guides will steer while you and all of your friends pedal in between the coolest bars, pubs and clubs that Denver nightlife has to offer.

Best of all for those looking for the best weeknight activities in Denver, you save money booking a Pedal Hopper tour on weekdays as opposed to weekends when the streets get a little bit busier and the prices get a little bit higher. We know you’ll join for some after work fun with us at the Pedal Hopper!

Film on the Rocks Series

Red Rocks Amphitheater, 18300 W Alameda Pkwy, Morrison, CO. Price: $16-$32. Just outside of Denver, CO lies Red Rocks Amphitheater, a city-owned concert venue that hosts some of the biggest acts in the music business every summer. This amazing setting that has been frequented by humans for thousands of years has another trick up its sleeve: hosting movie nights on Monday nights throughout the summer! For a low price you can go to see some of your favorite classic movies as well as some more recent blockbusters, a great weeknight activity in Denver!

For the rest of the summer of 2019, you can see Top Gun (7/1), the Mighty Ducks (8/5) and the mountain climbing documentary Free Solo (8/19). There are live bands and live comedians performing every night before the movie as well, so your whole family can have after work fun, as this kid-friendly event. This author will for sure be at the Mighty Ducks in August: quack quack!!

Georgetown Loop Railroad & Mining Park

825 Railroad Ave, Silver Plume, CO. Price: $20.50 and up. You can get a Wild West experience at the Georgetown Loop Railroad, west of Denver on Interstate 70 by about 50 miles. This family-friendly weeknight activity in Denver comes in different packages; you can just take the family on the train or you can add in museum visits to immerse yourself in the history of the mining communities that helped to build our great state of Colorado. The round-trip railroad excursion takes you past some beautiful vistas, and its best enjoyed during the week in my opinion because it is less crowded. Have some after work fun up there choo-chooing around with all the other train enthusiasts!

Bar Hopping in Boulder, CO.

Price: how much can you drink? If you want to get out of the big city and take a break from Denver nightlife, you could make your way to the home of the University of Colorado in Boulder. Located about 30 minutes west and north of Denver, Boulder is a nice little town that features hundreds of bars, clubs, restaurants with reasonable prices and cheap drinks that appeal to the college scene.

There are tons of options there, but we recommend going to the Pearl Street Mall which is a pedestrian mall, meaning you don’t have to worry about getting run over by a taxi cab like what happens to so many poor residents in Denver. Best of all, on summer weekdays most of the college kids are away on summer vacation so the traffic isn’t too bad and you will be able to find a stool at the bar.

You can’t go wrong with summertime in Colorado, especially when you could experience Denver nightlife. The temperature stays cool, the mountains beckon you to come raft and fish their waters and bike their trails, and the city has a lot of options for having a blast, even during the week! We hope you can find something on this list to occupy your time during those long summer weeknights activities in Denver, and we hope even more that you come to hang out with us at the Pedal Hopper!

Best Summer Activities in Denver, CO

Our favorite part about Denver is that it truly is a four-season city. There is a misconception about our winters, which are really not that cold and don’t compare at all to the snowy, frigid weather up in the mountains above the Mile High City (the Two-Mile High Cities, if you will). Spring and Fall are mellow, temperate, and beautiful just like in most cities. But Summers in Denver really take the cake: extended daylight gives you more time to explore the city and, while it can get a bit hot during the day, it’s a dry heat that is easily escapable in the shade and the evenings cool down nicely to encourage patio parties and lawn darts. We hope you utilize this list of our favorite summer activities in Denver to enjoy the season to the fullest!

Lavender Festival

The Lavender Festival at Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield Farms is a family-friendly festival that is well worth the $7 entry fee. The setting is amazing, especially in late July when the 2019 festival is slated to take place as all of the over 2,000 lavender plants are in bloom. This aromatic flora makes a perfect backdrop to a stage featuring local bands and a wide variety of food, art, and vendors selling lavender-themed and –derived artisanal products. Get out to the Lavender Festival and embrace the purple!

denver summer activities
*Image courtesy of Denver Botanic Gardens*

Pedal Hopper Denver

Summer days drift away, but those summer nights are something to remember! And there are no better memories than those made on a pedal pub with the best pilots in the business like those over at Pedal Hopper Denver. The bike bar combines all the best things about summertime in Denver: it’s an outdoor activity so you can enjoy that fine Colorado summer weather, participants get some exercise (the bikes are pedal-powered) and the staff at Pedal Hopper Denver can take you to the coolest brewery and distillery patios in our fair city. Get in touch with Pedal Hopper to schedule your private tour or jump onto one of their public tour offerings!

best summer activity in denver

Film on The Rocks

Red Rocks Amphitheater is a world-class, world-famous venue located just a short 30-minute drive from downtown Denver. In addition to tasty concert offerings featuring nationally-touring acts, Red Rocks also has an amazing summer series showing fan favorite movies on stage at this legendary venue. Movies start at dusk, but be sure to show up a little early to see local live bands and comedians warm up the stage. Check the Film on the Rocks website to see a list of movies to be shown to find an epic Denver summer activity for you and your friends!

best denver summer events
*Image courtesy of*

Colorado Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat racing dates back over 2,000 years to ancient China and Taiwan. Come up to date with the modern Asian American community in Denver and witness Dragon Boat racers, performers and vendors descend on Sloan’s Lake in the heart of the Mile High City. The festival is celebrating its 19th year in this Year of the Pig according to the Chinese Zodiac calendar, and its staying power is evident in the sheer number of people who attend this event annually to sample amazing Asian cuisine, shop in the Asian Marketplace, and check out traditional and contemporary Asian artists and musicians.

best summer activity in denver
*Image courtesy of*

Colorado Rockies at Coors Field

Oh, baseball. The most American of all games. The perfect excuse to binge on nachos, cracker jacks, hot dogs, and beer without anyone, even your in-laws, batting an eye. And as far as Denver summer events go, catching a Rockies game at Coors Field is a great bet for the whole family. Depending on where you sit, you can get views of the Denver skyline or the tower Rocky Mountains to the West, and the stadium is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Denver and therefore quite close to amazing restaurants, bars, and shopping. Get your America on and take advantage of this summer activity that’s suitable for everyone in the family!

best summer activities in denver, colorado rockies
*Image courtesy of*

Summer in Denver is not to be missed. There are tons of summer events and festivals that you can take advantage of in this ever-growing city and we hope that this list gets you started planning your next batch of Denver summer activities!

Bachelor Party Guide to Denver, CO

Whelp, your best friend is getting married.  He asks you to be his best man and you accept, dreaming about the almost-center-stage publicity of the whole affair and the prospect of being a part of the biggest day of his life. You’re so excited, in fact, that you forget that there is kind of a lot of responsibility for the best man before, during, and after the ceremony. The other groomsmen and the husband-to-be start asking about bachelor party plans; they’re all ready to party down for the last hurrah before entry into married life. No need to panic, best man; here at Pedal Hopper Denver, we’ve got some great ideas for a bachelor party for the record books. Whether you are a Denver native or have chosen Denver for your destination bachelor party, here are some suggestions to help you plan the Best Bachelor Party in Denver!

Stranahan’s Whiskey Distillery Tour

Nothing says “man party” and “this may be my last whiskey-binge with my bros” like visiting a whiskey distillery in the heart of Denver’s Baker neighborhood. Stranahan’s produces excellent, American single-malt whiskeys that have a distinct taste unlike other classics like bourbon or scotch and instead combining the peaty and sweet elements of them all for a product that is uniquely Colorado. These tours cater to the groom who is a true whiskey connoisseur. Pro tip: try and get the VIP tour. While the normal tour is still awesome (and free), the 2-hour VIP tour really lets you dive into the distillery process and taste some otherwise unavailable fine Colorado whiskeys.

bachelor party whiskey distillery tour in denver colorado*Image courtesy of Stranahan’s Whiskey Distillery*

Pedal Hopper Denver Downtown Pub Crawl Tour

This might be the most fun bachelor party activity you can find in the Mile High City. These mobile, pedal-powered bicycle bars can fit up to 16 people on a raucous romp below the skyscrapers in downtown Denver, visiting all of our favorite haunts and enjoying Pedal Hopper specials on drinks. Pedal Hopper tours are for bachelors that aren’t afraid to work for their fun, as you will be pedaling, and the faster you pedal the more bars you can check out on this bar crawl. Contact us at for pricing and to get your tour booked for your groom-to-be!

bachelor party ideas in denver colorado

Rockpile at Coors Field

Coors Field is an iconic baseball stadium located in the heart of downtown Denver. We recommend the Rock Pile for a few reasons. First of all, the seats are cheap which leaves a lot of leftover financial room to buy beer for the whole crew. Also, from the Rockpile you’ve got stunning views of the skyline in Denver and the mountains to the west. You can get seats for as low as $15 a pop, and day baseball games mean there’s a lot of night left to keep the bachelor party going until the break of dawn!

rockpile seating colorado rockies bachelor party idea*Image courtesy of*

Buds and Beer Tour

Our friends over at My 420 Tours have an awesome Buds and Beer tour available to showcase some of Colorado’s finest and best-known products: craft beer and ganja. You and your entire bachelor party will get picked up in a 420-friendly party bus and be allowed to toke away while getting ferried around to some amazing Colorado breweries and tasting rooms. This bachelor party event is for those bachelors that love cold brew and heady buds, but if you’ve got people coming from low elevation make sure they take caution; it’s easy to overdo it with both beer and grass when you’re not used to the altitude!

bud and beer tour bachelor party idea in denver*Image courtesy of My 420 Tours*

Red Rocks

Red Rocks is a local destination for hiking and concerts that everyone coming out for a bachelor party has to check out. Located just about 30 minutes west of Denver, this venue is worth checking out no matter what but take a look at their schedule to see if there’s a concert the future groom would like because this is a mind-blowing outdoor amphitheater with a great sound system that can make any genre of music pop. During the day, this venue is great for a bachelor who likes to get outdoors and hike through some amazing scenery and nighttime brings the party crowd from Denver for all kinds of concerts. It’s free to park and enter the venue during the day, but at night you’ll have to have tickets to get in.

red rocks amphitheater denver bachelor ideas*Image courtesy of*

Denver is a great destination for anyone planning a destination bachelor party or for throwing an epic local party to send your boy off to the ranks of the married. Hopefully, these suggestions can help you get started planning the pre-wedding event of a lifetime!

Tips For A Winter Party Bike Pub Crawl

The sleigh bells are jingling, the menorah is getting lit every night (no, not that kind of lit), the days are getting shorter as we approach the winter solstice and you are getting anxious anticipating the arrival of family for the holidays. How are you going to cope with the stress that comes with the holidays at the end of the year? Here at Pedal Hopper Denver, we want to remind you that you can book a Denver bike bar pub crawl through some of Denver’s hottest neighborhoods any time of the year. Pedal Hopper Denver’s beer bikes roll rain or shine, wind or snow, whiskey or mulled wine. Even better, during the colder months, we offer steep discounts for our patrons and friends. We know that some of you are worried about the weather, the one thing we can’t predict or control. While temperatures in Denver average a high of 47 degrees Fahrenheit in December, there are certainly some days much colder than that. To alleviate your worries (and prevent additional December stress in your life) we’ve compiled this list of hot tips to stay warm on a Pedal Hopper Denver pub crawl during the winter.

  • Wear Long Underwear

No, your grandpa isn’t writing this blog. Just trust us. All the cool kids are wearing long underwear these days. You can’t see it under your pants and it looks pretty classy under skirts too. Make sure to invest in a quality pair of moisture-wicking thermal underwear, because if you want to stay warm on your Pedal Hopper Denver pub crawl you need to stay dry. Long underwear works as insulation to keep your body heat in and to keep the cold from reaching your skin.

denver winter pub crawl


This is the most important way to stay comfortable in Denver and the rest of Colorado during the winter months. Whether you’re skiing, hiking, curling, ice skating, or joining us for a bike bar party aboard a Pedal Hopper; dressing in multiple layers will make it easy to adjust to the ever-changing climate conditions. Our high elevation and proximity to the sun means that direct sunshine can warm you up substantially, so you may need to peel off an outer layer or two. Best of all, Pedal Hopper Denver’s beer bikes have an amazing amount of storage so you won’t have to tie your sweater or jacket around your waist like an ‘80s mom or worry about them falling off the bike.

denver winter pub crawl tips

  • Pack Your Thermos!

There’s nothing better than a piping hot cup of coffee or tea on a chilly day, am I right? You can definitely ask your Pedal Hopper Denver party bike pilot to take you to some establishments that will set you up with a nice hot toddy or Irish coffee, but you might want a warm-up en route to your next stop on the tour. Modern thermoses can keep beverages hot for hours on end. The best part about a thermos? Judgy people can’t see what you’ve got in there, so if you want to bring New England Clam Chowder without strangers casting strange looks your way, you’re in the clear.

  • Invite Enough Friends to Fill the Beer Bike

Pedal Hopper Denver party bikes are the perfect people-powered winter event. Your whole crew has to pedal to get the bike bar moving, and the exercise will help keep you warm if your Denver pub crawl takes place on a colder-than-average day. The bars, breweries and local hangouts Pedal Hopper Denver’s beer bikes frequent will be warmer than the outdoor elements so having a full party bike of pedaling pub crawlers means you’ll get to your destinations as fast as possible. Plus, group hugs are much, much warmer with a bigger group so make sure you get the word out to fill all of the seats on your party bike for your pub crawl through Denver.

denver pub crawl

Winter in Denver really isn’t as cold as most people assume. Yes, the city sits above 5,000 feet in elevation, but we’re certainly not in the mountains, don’t get much snow, and we enjoy a number of Pedal Hopper Denver pub crawl and patio-worthy days in December, January and February. The winter months are a perfect time of year to enjoy our discounted Denver party bike pub crawls and with these tips to stay comfortable during your Pedal Hopper ride we know you’ll have the confidence to book a Pedal Hopper Denver bike bar this winter and get your party on.

The Top 5 Holiday Party Ideas In Denver, Colorado

The holidays can be a stressful time for everybody, even Santa (well, ok, especially Santa; maintaining the naughty or nice list and worldwide sleigh ride sounds like a lot of pressure!). Family visiting, high gift-giving expectations, cooking, cleaning, singing, dancing, hosting, and all of the noise, noise, NOISE!!! What you need is a break from all of the intense expectations that come along with the holiday season, and there’s no better way to give yourself a break than to party down with your friends and family. We hope you’ll enjoy this list of the Top 5 Holiday Party Ideas in Denver, Colorado!

This iconic mainstay on the 16th Street Mall in Denver, Colorado recently opened a private event space above the restaurant that is perfect for a holiday gathering of friends, family, or business associates in Denver, Colorado. Appaloosa Grill’s venue can accommodate sit-down dinners or more casual cocktail parties and has its own bar and bar staff separate from the restaurant downstairs to fulfill all of your Denver holiday parties adult beverage needs. Your party even comes with a band; at 10 pm every night of the week the restaurant downstairs has live music, so your party people can continue to boogie until last call!

denver holiday party ideas*Image courtesy of Appaloosa Grill*

This secular holiday party has “Christmas” in its name, but it takes place on December 1st and feels far enough away from December 25th to not be too Christmas-y. People take this party really seriously; donning 1940’s and 1950’s era outfits and having a swinging time with killer bands like the Hot Tomatoes and The Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra! Your ticket includes a holiday buffet, but make sure you get on it soon! The 9th Annual White Christmas ball is sure to sell out.

holiday parties in denver colorado*Image courtesy of*

Audacious Theatre is bringing back its holiday fundraiser and you won’t want to miss it! Drunk Christmas is an abbreviated, Cliff’s Notes version of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol performed by slightly intoxicated actors that will have you rolling in your seat. You can help yourself to some adult beverages too. Audacious Theatre is producing 4 nights of Drunk Christmas at some of the best bars in Denver. Take your holiday party people to see the show at Fiction Beer Co. on December 14th and 15th or catch the show at Grandma’s House December 21st and 22nd.

denver holiday party ideas*Image courtesy of Audacious Theatre*

Pedaling a party bike through downtown Denver, pub crawling all of the coolest clubs in town with an ace pilot guiding you to all of the hidden gems? During Denver’s brisk and sunny winter?!?! You’re not dreaming, but we’ll pinch you if you really want. For those of you that haven’t spent many winters here in Denver, Colorado, we get a hefty dose of 65-degree, sunny days even in January and February. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, you can always count on keeping your heart rate up with a Pedal Hopper Denver pub crawl, as our bike bars are pedal-powered and you will be pedaling and sharing holiday cheer with all of your friends (along with whiskey blankets).

holiday party ideas in denver colorado

With the right crew, you can turn the amazing Denver Botanic Gardens into a modern nighttime garden party during the Blossoms of Light event. They have space for rent if you want to go the formal route or you can just invite your people to meet up for some holiday fun and light-viewing with the masses. The Denver Botanic Gardens serves warm drinks and dinner items like sandwiches and pizza. The Blossoms of Light is only open from 5 pm – 9 pm, so this is more of a pre-holiday party event, but we know you’ll love it and so will everyone that gets lucky enough to be invited to your holiday party. Get your tickets before it’s too late!

family friendly holiday activities in denver colorado*Image courtesy of Denver Botanic Gardens*

Everybody celebrates the holidays differently, and however you indulge in the holidays, we support you. For us, the holidays are most fun with a nice Bailey’s and coffee or some hot mulled wine, and it’s likely you’ll see us out at one of these holiday parties around Denver, Colorado this year!

The Best Family Friendly Winter Activities in Denver, Colorado

Denver is growing up really fast. Remember when she took her first steps? So cute.  The influx of new people and the energy that has come with them over the past 10 years has led to a boom in Denver’s art culture, music scene, and culinary offerings which have led to an increase in Denver’s tourism. But sometimes locals and tourists alike find themselves at a loss during the winter when the best outdoor patios in the mile high city are mostly shuttered, Red Rocks Amphitheater is on a seasonal break from hosting some of the best live shows in the world, and Pedal Hopper Denver’s party bikes are solemnly seen cruising down the streets of Denver’s LoDo and RiNo neighborhoods. That’s why we here at Pedal Hopper Denver figured we ought to provide you with a list of the best winter activities in Denver!

During the summer, Skyline Park, located on the 16th Street Walking Mall in Downtown Denver, hosts live music, the best food truck festivals in Colorado, and many other Denver community events. Once temperatures start to drop, the City of Denver opens the Downtown Denver Ice Rink at Skyline Park. You can skate at the Denver Ice Rink at Skyline park with friends, family, and your significant other starting on November 20, 2018, until mid-February, 2019. 

family friendly winter activities in denver colorado*Photo courtesy of Denver Downtown Partnership*

One of the Front Range’s hidden gems is Eldora Mountain Resort, located just 55 miles west of Denver, up the canyon from Boulder, CO. Although some skiers and snowboarders find Eldora Mountain Resort to be more beginner and intermediate skill level friendly compared to Summit County Resorts or Eagle County resorts, we’ve never heard anyone complain about the affordable lift ticket prices at Eldora Ski Area, which is less than $100 per day for the 2018-19 season. Eldora Ski Area is one of the best small-town ski areas around Denver and is perfect for beginner or intermediate snow sports enthusiasts which makes it the perfect family ski resort (you also don’t have to slog through the horrid traffic of the I-70 corridor). Eldora Mountain gives you a taste of what Colorado’s incredible resorts have to offer while still being super close to Denver!

family friendly winter activities in denver colorado*Photo courtesy of Eldora Mountain Resort*

If it’s too chilly for you and your friends or family to get outside and you don’t feel like venturing outside of Denver, the Denver Art Museum is perfect for an afternoon full of new (but old) culture. Currently, the Denver Art Museum is featuring a Rembrandt exhibition and a collection of animals in art called Stampede, the ever-changing art exhibits at this iconic Denver museum provide a diverse mix of classical and contemporary art. The museum also offers a variety of art workshops and lectures so be sure to check out their website to see what your options are on a wintry day you choose to explore the wonderful art exhibits the Denver Art Museum has to offer!

family friendly activities in denver colorado*Photo Courtesy of*

Pedal Hopper Denver party bike tours in the winter? It’s not as crazy as you think. Denverites are used to bundling up against the elements in our fair city, and Denver is known for having a 70-degree day even in January or February! Plus, party bikes are human-powered; so while you and your party is getting a workout and enjoying beverages you’ll also be keeping your body temperature where it needs to be in order to remain comfortable even during Denver’s coldest winter days. Additionally, if it’s a particularly cold and blustery winter day in the Mile High City, Pedal Hopper Denver can modify your tour route so there is more time spent indoors enjoying drink discounts provided by our friends in Denver rather than outdoors in the cold. Lastly, beginning in November, we lower the prices of our tours, which makes it the perfect time to get the best deal for you and your party to pub crawl through Denver aboard one of our Pedal Hopper Denver bike bars. Visit our private party bike tour page today to set up your winter pedal-powered pub crawl!

best winter activities in denver colorado

Denver Zoo Lights is one the “ best things to do in Denver” according to Tripadvisor which gets Denverites out of our winter hibernation. The annual event will celebrate its 28th year in 2018 and features illuminated animal sculptures and over 2 million individual lights strung over 60 acres at Denver’s world-class zoo. Whether you’re a local or tourist, it is incredible to see the Denver Zoo utilize its world-class facilities for the enjoyment of animal lovers of all ages at this family-friendly event which features nightly entertainment. Denver Zoo Lights has sold out incredibly quickly over the past 27 years so be sure you contact the Denver Zoo ahead of time to reserve a spot for your whole family!

family friendly winter activities in denver colorado*Photo courtesy of the Denver Zoo*

There are plenty of options to keep you, your friends and family active and social during Denver’s cold and snowy winter. As much as you might like to stay in, watch Christmas movies, and drink hot toddies on the sofa, Denver has plenty of winter friendly activities for the entire family. At Pedal Hopper Denver, we encourage our friends to spend their hard-earned cash locally right here in Denver and we hope we were able to provide you with some of the best family-friendly winter activities in Denver so that you, your friends, and family can enjoy all that Denver has to offer even during these frigid winter months! 


Denver Gift Ideas: Why Party Bike Gift Cards Are The Perfect Gift – Pedal Hopper Denver

Let’s face it: buying presents for friends and family can be daunting. Unless you have a Luke Skywalker-esque Jedi ability to read minds, you will probably end up settling for another Jurassic Park logo sweatshirt or underwear gift-giving disaster. But what if you could give a gift that everybody truly wants? We at Pedal Hopper Denver have that gift, and it comes in the form of our gift cards! Here are 4 reasons why Pedal Hopper Denver party bike gift cards are the perfect gift!

pedal hopper denver bike bar


  1. Party Bike Gift Cards Bring Friends And Family Together

  2. Pedal-Powered Pub Crawls Are An Experience

    • Who really needs more junk? A bike bar gift card may look like a piece of paper but it’s actually a ticket to a kick-ass time for the recipient and his or her friends and family. We are sure that your giftee will love their party bike experience, especially if you choose to gift them a tour with the best bike bar experience in Denver, the Pedal Hopper!

  3. Bike Bar Gift Cards Are Personal And Thought-Out

    • I know what you’re thinking. Gift cards are the gift you get from people that don’t know you well enough to think of a present you’ll actually like and use. However, nobody who receives a Pedal Hopper Denver party bike gift card this gift-giving season will jump to that conclusion. Everybody knows which of their friends and family loves to party, either from personal party experience or from stories told about someone’s wild shenanigans. Pedal Hopper Denver party bike gift cards treat your partying friend(s) or family to a bar hopping experience they won’t soon forget.

  4. You Can Get In On The Fun!

    • When you gift a private party bike tour on a Pedal Hopper bike the recipient can choose up to 16 people to join them on their epic pedal-powered pub crawl. If they don’t choose you, as the gifter of such an amazing experience, what kind of friend are they really?? Party bike gift cards are the perfect gift because you will almost certainly get asked to join the party; during which you will pedal your heart out and stow away some booze with an awesome group of people.

pedal hopper denver bike bar pub crawl

Party bikes are a ton of fun and your friend or family member will light up at the prospect of getting their closest companions together for a good old-fashioned pedal-powered pub crawl. We here at Pedal Hopper Denver can get you set up right! Buy a Pedal Hopper Denver gift card for your loved one today!  

Buy a Gift Certificate

Things To Do In Denver – Exploring The LoDo & RiNo Neighborhoods

Downtown Denver has enjoyed a resurgence and revitalization since the city pulled out all the stops to welcome the Colorado Rockies major league baseball team to town in 1995. There are the best bars and clubs in Denver surrounding Coors Field that you should definitely get more familiar with whether you’re a Colorado native, a new Denver resident, or visiting Denver with your friends and family. If you’re joining us on a private or public bike bar tour, Pedal Hopper Denver’s Downtown Tour is our most popular party bike route and we wanted to point out a few boozy options you and your party will have along the way.

retro room lounge and salon denver bike bar stop*Image courtesy of Retro Room Lounge and Salon*

Retro Room Lounge and Salon

Do you like vodka? Us too. Would you like to get your hair done before a night out on the town? Well, there might not be time for that while on your Pedal Hopper bike bar tour but you should definitely make it back here for modern stylings. Vodka, though! At the Retro Room Lounge and Salon, they can help keep your Pedal Hopper Denver pedal-powered party bumping with their amazing selection of the best house-infused vodkas and whiskeys in Denver, which pair nicely with a curated beer list. We have a great working relationship with this funky little Larimer Street staple so make sure to let the bartenders know you’re there with the Pedal Hopper!  


The_1up_lodo_denver_colorado_party_bike_pub_crawl*Image courtesy of The 1up – LoDo*

The 1up – LoDo

Classic arcade games, pinball, skeeball, and giant Jenga make The 1up – LoDo a must-stop on any Pedal Hopper Denver Downtown beer bike tour. If you like to have fun, that is. Just imagine: you’re with all of your friends rotating in and out of an NBA Jam Tournament Edition 4-player cage fight, hydrating with reasonably priced beer and tasty craft cocktails. Not a basketball video game fan? Don’t worry, they have games you’re sure to remember from your childhood like Mortal Kombat, Punchout, Contra, Paperboy and so many others (oh god, I hope we didn’t just date ourselves too much here at the Pedal Hopper…). This place, like many of the stops on our Downtown party bike pub crawl, can get a bit crowded on the weekends so make sure you plan for that when choosing your Pedal Hopper Denver route.


The_matchbox_denver_party_bike_stop*Image courtesy of The Matchbox*

The Matchbox

We at the Pedal Hopper remember back around 2009 when The Matchbox was one of the only bars on Larimer Street and served Coors drafts for $0.75 during Colorado Rockies games. While the bar has gained notoriety since then, it still holds tight to its dive bar roots with some of the cheapest beer available in Denver and a breathtaking outdoor patio complete with a bocce ball court. The Matchbox is located in an eclectic old building with exposed brick and a rotating art display featuring local artists. It has a bit of a grungy feel (in a good way, at least in our opinion) so keep that in mind if you and your party are not the grungy dive bar types. The Matchbox tends to get crowded at night but with their huge patio and Colorado’s sunny summer weather, this is one of the best day-drinking spot’s in Denver!


Mile_high_spirits Distillery_and_tasting_room_denver_coloardo_party_bike_stop_pedal_hopper_denver*Image courtesy of Mile High Spirits Distillery*

Mile High Spirits Distillery

The spirits here are high. Like super, duper, Denver high. We love everything about Mile High Spirits; from their liquor to their upbeat and friendly staff to the amazing space they occupy in downtown Denver which triples as a distillery, tasting room (read: bar), and an epic venue with a state-of-the-art stage and sound system. They have one of the largest selections of infused booze in Denver and they can fulfill an order for a classic cocktail or share some of their contemporary creations with you.


Pedal Hopper Denver’s Downtown party bike tour is perfect for pre- or post-game partying or for experiencing the artsy, industrial side of downtown Denver, specifically the RiNo Art District. We have longlasting relationships with the four clubs listed above as well as dozens of others in the downtown, River North (RiNo), and Lower Downtown (LoDo) neighborhoods. So what are you waiting for? Book your Pedal Hopper Denver bike bar tour while your desired date and time is still available!

The Essential Rules of Riding a Bike Bar

The first bike bar started operating in the Netherlands in the late 1990s, but why should the Dutch have all the fun? Pedal Hopper began importing bike bars from the original manufacturer in 2010, and cruises through the streets of Denver and Kansas City along with other operators who were quick to realize how much FUN these amazing contraptions can provide to locals and tourists alike. The Pedal Hopper bikes are bigger than your average bear. They’re also larger than your average sedan, sports utility vehicle or pickup truck.

For our readers that have not yet taken a cruise on a pedal-powered party bike, we decided to compile a list of what’s acceptable and expected on a bike bar tour and what isn’t acceptable while riding on a party bike in order to ensure that you, the rest of the group, and your driver all have a blast while being respectful and safe.

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Always be pedaling the bike bar!

Bike bars are powered by the people who ride them. Since most bike bar events involve some variety of pub crawling, the required pedaling will burn off some of those calories that the beer and whiskey will provide. Don’t worry if you’re feeling a bit tired; luckily for Pedal Hopper bike bar riders, our pedal-powered rolling pubs have some designated “lazy-rider” seats and even a pedal assist feature.

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Don’t ever get off the bike bar while it is moving.

Bike bars are human powered, which would make for a long and arduous trip to the hospital, plus nobody wants to spend their weekend taking care of you for being the reason why their pedal-powered pub crawl was cut short. If you find yourself needing to get off the party bike just tell your driver and they will stop at the closest and safest location. For example, maybe your phone slipped out of your hands while trying to take a group shot of you and your friends. Instead of just hopping off the rolling bike bar, ask your driver to stop and they will pull over at the safest area so that you can get off and grab your phone without endangering yourself, other riders or pedestrians.


Try to organize enough people to fill the entire beer bike or as many seats as possible.

Try to organize a full group to fill the entire bike bar with riders or as many seats as possible. Not only will you need everyone’s pedal power, but you will also pay less per person depending on how many people are riding on the bike bar. It’s not hard to fill a bike, who wouldn’t want to cruise around the city on an oversized, rolling bar table bumping tunes and visiting all of their favorite bars?

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Leave your booze at home; you’re on a pedal-powered pub crawl!

Most cities, Las Vegas and New Orleans being among the few exceptions, have strict rules about open containers and you don’t want to legally jeopardize yourself, the pilot of the bike bar or the company. Trust me, your friends don’t want to waste their precious time on the bike bar waiting for you to get your citation from local law enforcement. Fortunately, most party bike tours include frequent stops at local watering holes where the driver often knows the bartenders or the company has a partnership with in order to get their riders fairly priced drinks in a timely manner. 

Bike bar pilots work hard, so don’t forget to tip.

While party bike drivers do get paid by the company you’re pedaling with, the service they provide for you, ensuring you and your fellow pedalers are safe while having a blast, is worth some gratuity. Other than keeping you and the other pub crawlers safe, drivers are also de facto tour guides showing you the coolest joints in the city, your DJ and are usually part-time models (well, pedal hopper pilots usually are).

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Don’t forget to make a playlist with your favorite tunes to blast on the Pedal Hopper’s speakers.

Having your group’s favorite music on a device compatible with a car stereo, whether on compact discs (remember those?), 2nd generation iPod Nanos or on your modern smartphone is an essential part of the pedal-powered pub crawl. At the Pedal Hopper, we hire drivers who have impeccable tastes in music (see: DJ TriTip, one of our senior pilots) but everyone’s music preferences are different, so make a playlist to ensure you and the rest of your party have tunes that will keep your pedal party bumping.

Make the most of your time on your pedal-powered pub crawl and have fun!

Whether you’re pub crawling with all of your coworkers, celebrating your best buds birthday or on your way to a baseball game (Go Rockies!), make sure that you are getting funky while being safe. Bike bar pub crawls are a temporary escape from the stress of everyday life, so make sure you cut loose a little bit while still being responsible, unless it’s your birthday, then it’s up to your friends to be responsible on your behalf.

Every bike bar is different and each company expects different standards of behavior from their drivers and patrons. However, this rundown of generally accepted party bike practices (GAPBP) will set you and the rest of your group up for success by keeping your pilot happy, entertaining your fellow riders and having the best dang bike bar experience possible!           

Book your bike bar tour with Pedal Hopper today!


Denver’s Most Effective Corporate Team Building Activities

The office can be a dull, dry place. It’s easy to get so focused on your responsibilities at hand and the seemingly endless slew of deadlines that you put your work blinders on and ignore your coworker’s indifference to the bottom line. But having a functioning, communicative and coherent team has immeasurable benefits for positive workplace culture and environment, leading to a happier and more productive team. Here, you can find some great suggestions for getting out of the office and engaging in some fun corporate team building activities in some uniquely suave locales around the Denver, Colorado area.


Room 5280 – Nothing exemplifies team-building and corporate bonding like being trapped in a house full of clues and needing to work together to get out. Room 5280 in Baker, Colorado provides a real-life adventure game complete with puzzles and hidden objects showing you the way out! This team outing is memorable and will get your employees or coworkers to listen to one another and work together to beat the game within 60 minutes. This corporate team building activity will promote the continued respect of each other’s ideas and suggestions once they get back to the office. If you escape, you and your team will even emerge with a victorious team photo!

Price:  check for booking infoRoom 5280 Denver corporate team building activityAbove: Room 5280 on a snowy Denver day. *Photo courtesy of Room 5280.


AMF Monaco Lanes – More beer and peanuts than Moscow Mule’s and edamame, AMF Monaco Lanes is a reassuring counterweight to new-age alleys like Lucky Strike or “concept” bowling alleys like Punch Bowl Social. This place is a classic, Big Lebowski bowling alley and will remind you and your coworkers of The Dude at every turn. Always a great equalizer since nobody is particularly good at it (outside of some Midwest towns where it reigns king), bowling is a perfect event for corporate outings and team building events because there’s typically a bountiful amount of drinking, standing around and awkward silences waiting to be filled. This lack of conversation and addition of alcohol results in conversation, team building and a general feeling of camaraderie about how nobody can crack 125 on the scoreboard, but it’s bowling so it’s not really about winning anyway.

Price: contact for booking info AMF Monaco Lanes bowling alley corporate team buildingAbove: A little teaser of AMF Monaco Lanes flawless and incredibly shiny bowling lanes. *Photo courtesy of AMF Monaco Lanes.


Intrepid Sojourner Beer ProjectThis new and exciting “beer project” in the Santa Fe Arts district is worth checking out for corporate events or team get-togethers. Sojourner Beers has amazing house brewed beers, a spacious seating area both inside and on their awesome patio and also invites food trucks to their parking garage regularly to provide an astonishing array of eats (sample: this week there will be appearances by both Ethiopian and tapas/sandwiches food trucks). Head brewer and co-owner Andrew Moore is dedicated to the craft of beer, and loves to share his creations with the public. Corporate clients will especially find the spaciousness appealing along with the general vibe of craftsmen like Andrew drinking their own beer in their own tap house with their own customers.

Price: $5 for a pint, less for happy hourintrepid sojourner beer project denver corporate team building activityAbove: Denver locals enjoying thirst quenching internationally influenced craft beers. *Photo courtesy of Intrepid Sojourner Beer Project.


Pedal Hopper DenverThe Pedal Hopper Denver screams fun for corporate and team building events. There’s nothing like pedal-powering a 25-foot-long mobile bicycle bar through the streets of Denver with your coworkers and relying on pedal power from the maintenance guy and the CEO alike. There are currently two typical pub-crawl routes through some of the coolest and hippest neighborhoods in town. With predetermined stops at local bars, breweries, distilleries and pubs there is sure to be some degree of social lubrication by way of alcohol, providing the perfect opportunity for all members of your team or entire corporation to hang together in a casual, fun and unique environment. The Pedal Hopper Denver’s bicycle bars feel like a patio table, perfect for stimulating conversations, incubating ideas and creating long-lasting relationships beyond the office. The Pedal Hopper Denver seats 10-16 patrons per bike but can provide multiple bikes if you have a larger corporate event or team outing!

Price: around $20 per person   

pedal hopper denver corporate team building activity Above: A team of local Denverites taking a break from the office and pedaling their way to success.


A happy, cohesive team results in increased productivity and a tight-knit, interpersonal work environment. What better way to bring your team together than some good old-fashioned drinking and group games with Denver’s finest? Use these suggestions to get out of the office, get out into the real world and show your team what fun team building really looks like!