Tips For A Winter Party Bike Pub Crawl

The sleigh bells are jingling, the menorah is getting lit every night (no, not that kind of lit), the days are getting shorter as we approach the winter solstice and you are getting anxious anticipating the arrival of family for the holidays. How are you going to cope with the stress that comes with the holidays at the end of the year? Here at Pedal Hopper Denver, we want to remind you that you can book a Denver bike bar pub crawl through some of Denver’s hottest neighborhoods any time of the year. Pedal Hopper Denver’s beer bikes roll rain or shine, wind or snow, whiskey or mulled wine. Even better, during the colder months, we offer steep discounts for our patrons and friends. We know that some of you are worried about the weather, the one thing we can’t predict or control. While temperatures in Denver average a high of 47 degrees Fahrenheit in December, there are certainly some days much colder than that. To alleviate your worries (and prevent additional December stress in your life) we’ve compiled this list of hot tips to stay warm on a Pedal Hopper Denver pub crawl during the winter.

  • Wear Long Underwear

No, your grandpa isn’t writing this blog. Just trust us. All the cool kids are wearing long underwear these days. You can’t see it under your pants and it looks pretty classy under skirts too. Make sure to invest in a quality pair of moisture-wicking thermal underwear, because if you want to stay warm on your Pedal Hopper Denver pub crawl you need to stay dry. Long underwear works as insulation to keep your body heat in and to keep the cold from reaching your skin.

denver winter pub crawl


This is the most important way to stay comfortable in Denver and the rest of Colorado during the winter months. Whether you’re skiing, hiking, curling, ice skating, or joining us for a bike bar party aboard a Pedal Hopper; dressing in multiple layers will make it easy to adjust to the ever-changing climate conditions. Our high elevation and proximity to the sun means that direct sunshine can warm you up substantially, so you may need to peel off an outer layer or two. Best of all, Pedal Hopper Denver’s beer bikes have an amazing amount of storage so you won’t have to tie your sweater or jacket around your waist like an ‘80s mom or worry about them falling off the bike.

denver winter pub crawl tips

  • Pack Your Thermos!

There’s nothing better than a piping hot cup of coffee or tea on a chilly day, am I right? You can definitely ask your Pedal Hopper Denver party bike pilot to take you to some establishments that will set you up with a nice hot toddy or Irish coffee, but you might want a warm-up en route to your next stop on the tour. Modern thermoses can keep beverages hot for hours on end. The best part about a thermos? Judgy people can’t see what you’ve got in there, so if you want to bring New England Clam Chowder without strangers casting strange looks your way, you’re in the clear.

  • Invite Enough Friends to Fill the Beer Bike

Pedal Hopper Denver party bikes are the perfect people-powered winter event. Your whole crew has to pedal to get the bike bar moving, and the exercise will help keep you warm if your Denver pub crawl takes place on a colder-than-average day. The bars, breweries and local hangouts Pedal Hopper Denver’s beer bikes frequent will be warmer than the outdoor elements so having a full party bike of pedaling pub crawlers means you’ll get to your destinations as fast as possible. Plus, group hugs are much, much warmer with a bigger group so make sure you get the word out to fill all of the seats on your party bike for your pub crawl through Denver.

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Winter in Denver really isn’t as cold as most people assume. Yes, the city sits above 5,000 feet in elevation, but we’re certainly not in the mountains, don’t get much snow, and we enjoy a number of Pedal Hopper Denver pub crawl and patio-worthy days in December, January and February. The winter months are a perfect time of year to enjoy our discounted Denver party bike pub crawls and with these tips to stay comfortable during your Pedal Hopper ride we know you’ll have the confidence to book a Pedal Hopper Denver bike bar this winter and get your party on.

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