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Let’s face it: buying presents for friends and family can be daunting. Unless you have a Luke Skywalker-esque Jedi ability to read minds, you will probably end up settling for another Jurassic Park logo sweatshirt or underwear gift-giving disaster. But what if you could give a gift that everybody truly wants? We at Pedal Hopper Denver have that gift, and it comes in the form of our gift cards! Here are 4 reasons why Pedal Hopper Denver party bike gift cards are the perfect gift!

pedal hopper denver bike bar


  1. Party Bike Gift Cards Bring Friends And Family Together

  2. Pedal-Powered Pub Crawls Are An Experience

    • Who really needs more junk? A bike bar gift card may look like a piece of paper but it’s actually a ticket to a kick-ass time for the recipient and his or her friends and family. We are sure that your giftee will love their party bike experience, especially if you choose to gift them a tour with the best bike bar experience in Denver, the Pedal Hopper!

  3. Bike Bar Gift Cards Are Personal And Thought-Out

    • I know what you’re thinking. Gift cards are the gift you get from people that don’t know you well enough to think of a present you’ll actually like and use. However, nobody who receives a Pedal Hopper Denver party bike gift card this gift-giving season will jump to that conclusion. Everybody knows which of their friends and family loves to party, either from personal party experience or from stories told about someone’s wild shenanigans. Pedal Hopper Denver party bike gift cards treat your partying friend(s) or family to a bar hopping experience they won’t soon forget.

  4. You Can Get In On The Fun!

    • When you gift a private party bike tour on a Pedal Hopper bike the recipient can choose up to 16 people to join them on their epic pedal-powered pub crawl. If they don’t choose you, as the gifter of such an amazing experience, what kind of friend are they really?? Party bike gift cards are the perfect gift because you will almost certainly get asked to join the party; during which you will pedal your heart out and stow away some booze with an awesome group of people.

pedal hopper denver bike bar pub crawl

Party bikes are a ton of fun and your friend or family member will light up at the prospect of getting their closest companions together for a good old-fashioned pedal-powered pub crawl. We here at Pedal Hopper Denver can get you set up right! Buy a Pedal Hopper Denver gift card for your loved one today!  

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