Tips For A Winter Party Bike Pub Crawl

The sleigh bells are jingling, the menorah is getting lit every night (no, not that kind of lit), the days are getting shorter as we approach the winter solstice and you are getting anxious anticipating the arrival of family for the holidays. How are you going to cope with the stress that comes with the holidays at the end of the year? Here at Pedal Hopper Denver, we want to remind you that you can book a Denver bike bar pub crawl through some of Denver’s hottest neighborhoods any time of the year. Pedal Hopper Denver’s beer bikes roll rain or shine, wind or snow, whiskey or mulled wine. Even better, during the colder months, we offer steep discounts for our patrons and friends. We know that some of you are worried about the weather, the one thing we can’t predict or control. While temperatures in Denver average a high of 47 degrees Fahrenheit in December, there are certainly some days much colder than that. To alleviate your worries (and prevent additional December stress in your life) we’ve compiled this list of hot tips to stay warm on a Pedal Hopper Denver pub crawl during the winter.

  • Wear Long Underwear

No, your grandpa isn’t writing this blog. Just trust us. All the cool kids are wearing long underwear these days. You can’t see it under your pants and it looks pretty classy under skirts too. Make sure to invest in a quality pair of moisture-wicking thermal underwear, because if you want to stay warm on your Pedal Hopper Denver pub crawl you need to stay dry. Long underwear works as insulation to keep your body heat in and to keep the cold from reaching your skin.

denver winter pub crawl


This is the most important way to stay comfortable in Denver and the rest of Colorado during the winter months. Whether you’re skiing, hiking, curling, ice skating, or joining us for a bike bar party aboard a Pedal Hopper; dressing in multiple layers will make it easy to adjust to the ever-changing climate conditions. Our high elevation and proximity to the sun means that direct sunshine can warm you up substantially, so you may need to peel off an outer layer or two. Best of all, Pedal Hopper Denver’s beer bikes have an amazing amount of storage so you won’t have to tie your sweater or jacket around your waist like an ‘80s mom or worry about them falling off the bike.

denver winter pub crawl tips

  • Pack Your Thermos!

There’s nothing better than a piping hot cup of coffee or tea on a chilly day, am I right? You can definitely ask your Pedal Hopper Denver party bike pilot to take you to some establishments that will set you up with a nice hot toddy or Irish coffee, but you might want a warm-up en route to your next stop on the tour. Modern thermoses can keep beverages hot for hours on end. The best part about a thermos? Judgy people can’t see what you’ve got in there, so if you want to bring New England Clam Chowder without strangers casting strange looks your way, you’re in the clear.

  • Invite Enough Friends to Fill the Beer Bike

Pedal Hopper Denver party bikes are the perfect people-powered winter event. Your whole crew has to pedal to get the bike bar moving, and the exercise will help keep you warm if your Denver pub crawl takes place on a colder-than-average day. The bars, breweries and local hangouts Pedal Hopper Denver’s beer bikes frequent will be warmer than the outdoor elements so having a full party bike of pedaling pub crawlers means you’ll get to your destinations as fast as possible. Plus, group hugs are much, much warmer with a bigger group so make sure you get the word out to fill all of the seats on your party bike for your pub crawl through Denver.

denver pub crawl

Winter in Denver really isn’t as cold as most people assume. Yes, the city sits above 5,000 feet in elevation, but we’re certainly not in the mountains, don’t get much snow, and we enjoy a number of Pedal Hopper Denver pub crawl and patio-worthy days in December, January and February. The winter months are a perfect time of year to enjoy our discounted Denver party bike pub crawls and with these tips to stay comfortable during your Pedal Hopper ride we know you’ll have the confidence to book a Pedal Hopper Denver bike bar this winter and get your party on.

The Top 5 Holiday Party Ideas In Denver, Colorado

The holidays can be a stressful time for everybody, even Santa (well, ok, especially Santa; maintaining the naughty or nice list and worldwide sleigh ride sounds like a lot of pressure!). Family visiting, high gift-giving expectations, cooking, cleaning, singing, dancing, hosting, and all of the noise, noise, NOISE!!! What you need is a break from all of the intense expectations that come along with the holiday season, and there’s no better way to give yourself a break than to party down with your friends and family. We hope you’ll enjoy this list of the Top 5 Holiday Party Ideas in Denver, Colorado!

This iconic mainstay on the 16th Street Mall in Denver, Colorado recently opened a private event space above the restaurant that is perfect for a holiday gathering of friends, family, or business associates in Denver, Colorado. Appaloosa Grill’s venue can accommodate sit-down dinners or more casual cocktail parties and has its own bar and bar staff separate from the restaurant downstairs to fulfill all of your Denver holiday parties adult beverage needs. Your party even comes with a band; at 10 pm every night of the week the restaurant downstairs has live music, so your party people can continue to boogie until last call!

denver holiday party ideas*Image courtesy of Appaloosa Grill*

This secular holiday party has “Christmas” in its name, but it takes place on December 1st and feels far enough away from December 25th to not be too Christmas-y. People take this party really seriously; donning 1940’s and 1950’s era outfits and having a swinging time with killer bands like the Hot Tomatoes and The Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra! Your ticket includes a holiday buffet, but make sure you get on it soon! The 9th Annual White Christmas ball is sure to sell out.

holiday parties in denver colorado*Image courtesy of*

Audacious Theatre is bringing back its holiday fundraiser and you won’t want to miss it! Drunk Christmas is an abbreviated, Cliff’s Notes version of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol performed by slightly intoxicated actors that will have you rolling in your seat. You can help yourself to some adult beverages too. Audacious Theatre is producing 4 nights of Drunk Christmas at some of the best bars in Denver. Take your holiday party people to see the show at Fiction Beer Co. on December 14th and 15th or catch the show at Grandma’s House December 21st and 22nd.

denver holiday party ideas*Image courtesy of Audacious Theatre*

Pedaling a party bike through downtown Denver, pub crawling all of the coolest clubs in town with an ace pilot guiding you to all of the hidden gems? During Denver’s brisk and sunny winter?!?! You’re not dreaming, but we’ll pinch you if you really want. For those of you that haven’t spent many winters here in Denver, Colorado, we get a hefty dose of 65-degree, sunny days even in January and February. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, you can always count on keeping your heart rate up with a Pedal Hopper Denver pub crawl, as our bike bars are pedal-powered and you will be pedaling and sharing holiday cheer with all of your friends (along with whiskey blankets).

holiday party ideas in denver colorado

With the right crew, you can turn the amazing Denver Botanic Gardens into a modern nighttime garden party during the Blossoms of Light event. They have space for rent if you want to go the formal route or you can just invite your people to meet up for some holiday fun and light-viewing with the masses. The Denver Botanic Gardens serves warm drinks and dinner items like sandwiches and pizza. The Blossoms of Light is only open from 5 pm – 9 pm, so this is more of a pre-holiday party event, but we know you’ll love it and so will everyone that gets lucky enough to be invited to your holiday party. Get your tickets before it’s too late!

family friendly holiday activities in denver colorado*Image courtesy of Denver Botanic Gardens*

Everybody celebrates the holidays differently, and however you indulge in the holidays, we support you. For us, the holidays are most fun with a nice Bailey’s and coffee or some hot mulled wine, and it’s likely you’ll see us out at one of these holiday parties around Denver, Colorado this year!

The Best Family Friendly Winter Activities in Denver, Colorado

Denver is growing up really fast. Remember when she took her first steps? So cute.  The influx of new people and the energy that has come with them over the past 10 years has led to a boom in Denver’s art culture, music scene, and culinary offerings which have led to an increase in Denver’s tourism. But sometimes locals and tourists alike find themselves at a loss during the winter when the best outdoor patios in the mile high city are mostly shuttered, Red Rocks Amphitheater is on a seasonal break from hosting some of the best live shows in the world, and Pedal Hopper Denver’s party bikes are solemnly seen cruising down the streets of Denver’s LoDo and RiNo neighborhoods. That’s why we here at Pedal Hopper Denver figured we ought to provide you with a list of the best winter activities in Denver!

During the summer, Skyline Park, located on the 16th Street Walking Mall in Downtown Denver, hosts live music, the best food truck festivals in Colorado, and many other Denver community events. Once temperatures start to drop, the City of Denver opens the Downtown Denver Ice Rink at Skyline Park. You can skate at the Denver Ice Rink at Skyline park with friends, family, and your significant other starting on November 20, 2018, until mid-February, 2019. 

family friendly winter activities in denver colorado*Photo courtesy of Denver Downtown Partnership*

One of the Front Range’s hidden gems is Eldora Mountain Resort, located just 55 miles west of Denver, up the canyon from Boulder, CO. Although some skiers and snowboarders find Eldora Mountain Resort to be more beginner and intermediate skill level friendly compared to Summit County Resorts or Eagle County resorts, we’ve never heard anyone complain about the affordable lift ticket prices at Eldora Ski Area, which is less than $100 per day for the 2018-19 season. Eldora Ski Area is one of the best small-town ski areas around Denver and is perfect for beginner or intermediate snow sports enthusiasts which makes it the perfect family ski resort (you also don’t have to slog through the horrid traffic of the I-70 corridor). Eldora Mountain gives you a taste of what Colorado’s incredible resorts have to offer while still being super close to Denver!

family friendly winter activities in denver colorado*Photo courtesy of Eldora Mountain Resort*

If it’s too chilly for you and your friends or family to get outside and you don’t feel like venturing outside of Denver, the Denver Art Museum is perfect for an afternoon full of new (but old) culture. Currently, the Denver Art Museum is featuring a Rembrandt exhibition and a collection of animals in art called Stampede, the ever-changing art exhibits at this iconic Denver museum provide a diverse mix of classical and contemporary art. The museum also offers a variety of art workshops and lectures so be sure to check out their website to see what your options are on a wintry day you choose to explore the wonderful art exhibits the Denver Art Museum has to offer!

family friendly activities in denver colorado*Photo Courtesy of*

Pedal Hopper Denver party bike tours in the winter? It’s not as crazy as you think. Denverites are used to bundling up against the elements in our fair city, and Denver is known for having a 70-degree day even in January or February! Plus, party bikes are human-powered; so while you and your party is getting a workout and enjoying beverages you’ll also be keeping your body temperature where it needs to be in order to remain comfortable even during Denver’s coldest winter days. Additionally, if it’s a particularly cold and blustery winter day in the Mile High City, Pedal Hopper Denver can modify your tour route so there is more time spent indoors enjoying drink discounts provided by our friends in Denver rather than outdoors in the cold. Lastly, beginning in November, we lower the prices of our tours, which makes it the perfect time to get the best deal for you and your party to pub crawl through Denver aboard one of our Pedal Hopper Denver bike bars. Visit our private party bike tour page today to set up your winter pedal-powered pub crawl!

best winter activities in denver colorado

Denver Zoo Lights is one the “ best things to do in Denver” according to Tripadvisor which gets Denverites out of our winter hibernation. The annual event will celebrate its 28th year in 2018 and features illuminated animal sculptures and over 2 million individual lights strung over 60 acres at Denver’s world-class zoo. Whether you’re a local or tourist, it is incredible to see the Denver Zoo utilize its world-class facilities for the enjoyment of animal lovers of all ages at this family-friendly event which features nightly entertainment. Denver Zoo Lights has sold out incredibly quickly over the past 27 years so be sure you contact the Denver Zoo ahead of time to reserve a spot for your whole family!

family friendly winter activities in denver colorado*Photo courtesy of the Denver Zoo*

There are plenty of options to keep you, your friends and family active and social during Denver’s cold and snowy winter. As much as you might like to stay in, watch Christmas movies, and drink hot toddies on the sofa, Denver has plenty of winter friendly activities for the entire family. At Pedal Hopper Denver, we encourage our friends to spend their hard-earned cash locally right here in Denver and we hope we were able to provide you with some of the best family-friendly winter activities in Denver so that you, your friends, and family can enjoy all that Denver has to offer even during these frigid winter months! 


Denver Gift Ideas: Why Party Bike Gift Cards Are The Perfect Gift – Pedal Hopper Denver

Let’s face it: buying presents for friends and family can be daunting. Unless you have a Luke Skywalker-esque Jedi ability to read minds, you will probably end up settling for another Jurassic Park logo sweatshirt or underwear gift-giving disaster. But what if you could give a gift that everybody truly wants? We at Pedal Hopper Denver have that gift, and it comes in the form of our gift cards! Here are 4 reasons why Pedal Hopper Denver party bike gift cards are the perfect gift!

pedal hopper denver bike bar


  1. Party Bike Gift Cards Bring Friends And Family Together

  2. Pedal-Powered Pub Crawls Are An Experience

    • Who really needs more junk? A bike bar gift card may look like a piece of paper but it’s actually a ticket to a kick-ass time for the recipient and his or her friends and family. We are sure that your giftee will love their party bike experience, especially if you choose to gift them a tour with the best bike bar experience in Denver, the Pedal Hopper!

  3. Bike Bar Gift Cards Are Personal And Thought-Out

    • I know what you’re thinking. Gift cards are the gift you get from people that don’t know you well enough to think of a present you’ll actually like and use. However, nobody who receives a Pedal Hopper Denver party bike gift card this gift-giving season will jump to that conclusion. Everybody knows which of their friends and family loves to party, either from personal party experience or from stories told about someone’s wild shenanigans. Pedal Hopper Denver party bike gift cards treat your partying friend(s) or family to a bar hopping experience they won’t soon forget.

  4. You Can Get In On The Fun!

    • When you gift a private party bike tour on a Pedal Hopper bike the recipient can choose up to 16 people to join them on their epic pedal-powered pub crawl. If they don’t choose you, as the gifter of such an amazing experience, what kind of friend are they really?? Party bike gift cards are the perfect gift because you will almost certainly get asked to join the party; during which you will pedal your heart out and stow away some booze with an awesome group of people.

pedal hopper denver bike bar pub crawl

Party bikes are a ton of fun and your friend or family member will light up at the prospect of getting their closest companions together for a good old-fashioned pedal-powered pub crawl. We here at Pedal Hopper Denver can get you set up right! Buy a Pedal Hopper Denver gift card for your loved one today!  

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