Denver’s Most Effective Corporate Team Building Activities

The office can be a dull, dry place. It’s easy to get so focused on your responsibilities at hand and the seemingly endless slew of deadlines that you put your work blinders on and ignore your coworker’s indifference to the bottom line. But having a functioning, communicative and coherent team has immeasurable benefits for positive workplace culture and environment, leading to a happier and more productive team. Here, you can find some great suggestions for getting out of the office and engaging in some fun corporate team building activities in some uniquely suave locales around the Denver, Colorado area.


Room 5280 – Nothing exemplifies team-building and corporate bonding like being trapped in a house full of clues and needing to work together to get out. Room 5280 in Baker, Colorado provides a real-life adventure game complete with puzzles and hidden objects showing you the way out! This team outing is memorable and will get your employees or coworkers to listen to one another and work together to beat the game within 60 minutes. This corporate team building activity will promote the continued respect of each other’s ideas and suggestions once they get back to the office. If you escape, you and your team will even emerge with a victorious team photo!

Price:  check for booking infoRoom 5280 Denver corporate team building activityAbove: Room 5280 on a snowy Denver day. *Photo courtesy of Room 5280.


AMF Monaco Lanes – More beer and peanuts than Moscow Mule’s and edamame, AMF Monaco Lanes is a reassuring counterweight to new-age alleys like Lucky Strike or “concept” bowling alleys like Punch Bowl Social. This place is a classic, Big Lebowski bowling alley and will remind you and your coworkers of The Dude at every turn. Always a great equalizer since nobody is particularly good at it (outside of some Midwest towns where it reigns king), bowling is a perfect event for corporate outings and team building events because there’s typically a bountiful amount of drinking, standing around and awkward silences waiting to be filled. This lack of conversation and addition of alcohol results in conversation, team building and a general feeling of camaraderie about how nobody can crack 125 on the scoreboard, but it’s bowling so it’s not really about winning anyway.

Price: contact for booking info AMF Monaco Lanes bowling alley corporate team buildingAbove: A little teaser of AMF Monaco Lanes flawless and incredibly shiny bowling lanes. *Photo courtesy of AMF Monaco Lanes.


Intrepid Sojourner Beer ProjectThis new and exciting “beer project” in the Santa Fe Arts district is worth checking out for corporate events or team get-togethers. Sojourner Beers has amazing house brewed beers, a spacious seating area both inside and on their awesome patio and also invites food trucks to their parking garage regularly to provide an astonishing array of eats (sample: this week there will be appearances by both Ethiopian and tapas/sandwiches food trucks). Head brewer and co-owner Andrew Moore is dedicated to the craft of beer, and loves to share his creations with the public. Corporate clients will especially find the spaciousness appealing along with the general vibe of craftsmen like Andrew drinking their own beer in their own tap house with their own customers.

Price: $5 for a pint, less for happy hourintrepid sojourner beer project denver corporate team building activityAbove: Denver locals enjoying thirst quenching internationally influenced craft beers. *Photo courtesy of Intrepid Sojourner Beer Project.


Pedal Hopper DenverThe Pedal Hopper Denver screams fun for corporate and team building events. There’s nothing like pedal-powering a 25-foot-long mobile bicycle bar through the streets of Denver with your coworkers and relying on pedal power from the maintenance guy and the CEO alike. There are currently two typical pub-crawl routes through some of the coolest and hippest neighborhoods in town. With predetermined stops at local bars, breweries, distilleries and pubs there is sure to be some degree of social lubrication by way of alcohol, providing the perfect opportunity for all members of your team or entire corporation to hang together in a casual, fun and unique environment. The Pedal Hopper Denver’s bicycle bars feel like a patio table, perfect for stimulating conversations, incubating ideas and creating long-lasting relationships beyond the office. The Pedal Hopper Denver seats 10-16 patrons per bike but can provide multiple bikes if you have a larger corporate event or team outing!

Price: around $20 per person   

pedal hopper denver corporate team building activity Above: A team of local Denverites taking a break from the office and pedaling their way to success.


A happy, cohesive team results in increased productivity and a tight-knit, interpersonal work environment. What better way to bring your team together than some good old-fashioned drinking and group games with Denver’s finest? Use these suggestions to get out of the office, get out into the real world and show your team what fun team building really looks like!

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