Booking Availability


It’s a flat rate for the 2 hours you must have 6-16 people, we do not pair up groups.

We only offer 2 hours at this time.

$370 / 2 Hours / Friday, Saturday, Sunday
$330 / 2 Hours / Monday-Thursday

That’s about $23.00 per person for 2 hours with full bike of 16 people if divided up between riders.

Click the book now & availability button, and choose the desired date to show available time slots.

All outings must be paid by credit card at the time you place your booking. The quickest way to snag your spot is to place your booking from our website but we’d be happy to take your booking over the phone as well.  785-856-8687 The full payment must be made to place your booking, no sales tax on Pedal Hopper Rides!

We reserve the right to charge the renter for any damages or late fees after the tour if necessary. Since the Pedal Hopper is powered by its passengers, they control the speed at which the tour progresses. For scheduling purposes it is necessary that the tour end within 10 minutes of the scheduled return time. There will be no Damage/Late Deposit charged if the Pedal Hopper returns to the starting point on time and undamaged.

  • $55 – 15-20 minutes late
  • $70 – 20-25 minutes late
  • $85 – 25-30 minutes late
  • $200 – 30-60 minutes late
  • $250/hr – more than 60 minutes late


Our drivers love tips! Our groups usually tip around 15-20%,  although tips are not anticipated but always appreciated… 😉 The drivers accept venmo if you don’t have cash, tipping isn’t just for cows ya know…


Bookings within 3 days of departure must be booked over the phone.