Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a sober “pilot” who steers and brakes the thing, so you guys can relax and have fun!

Yes! If the same time slot for each bike is available you can make separate purchases for each bike, the bikes will follow one behind the other. We have 3 Pedal Hoppers catering up to 48 people. If booking more than one Pedal Hopper please send us an email and let us know so we can have a heads up. Also please let each bar you plan on visiting know approximately how many people you will have and an estimated time of arrival, it’s good to do this the day before your ride.

Unfortunately, no but it is still fun to ride without being able to booze on the bike! Don’t forget you’ll be making 3 watering hole stops along the way… you’re always welcome to meet at the start location early and grab a drink or some food before you jump on.

The Pedal Hopper can carry up to 16 people. There 5 pedaling seats on each side, 2 non-pedaling seats above the back wheels, 3 non-pedaling seats on the back bench and 1 “standee” in the middle.

You need at least 6 and no more than 16 people but the more the merrier! We don’t pair up groups so you must have a group of 6-16 people. We have an electric motor assist for easy pedaling for any group.

We recently narrowed it down to 1 fantastic route in the Crossroads District. It is one of the hippest areas of KC, there are tons of new breweries and bars to visit and near downtown and the Power and Light District. Since the demand to pedal in the crossroads district increased, we recently discontinued our route in the Waldo/Brookside area. We will miss that route, we had SO much fun down there over the years, it was the first place we operated in KC when we started in 2011.

Yes! We have installed a small electric motor assist to help us get up the inclines, you will thank us for this later!

No. Our route has been carefully mapped out taking into consideration streets that are not too steep, safe to travel down and under 30mph with lots of room for cars to get by us.

Crossroads Route:

We will start and end at International Tap House 403 E 18th St, Kansas City, MO 64108. This is an awesome spot to hang and have a drink while you wait for your peeps to show up. The Pedal Hopper should be out front of International Tap House or just around the corner when it is time to depart.

You guys bring whatever you plan on eating or drinking, please do not bring any alcohol. There is plenty of space in the middle for a cooler or two. We will supply bottled water and have paper towels and a trash can for when it gets a little messy…

All outings must be paid by credit card at lest 3 days before your departure date. The quickest way to snag your spot is to place your booking from our website but we’d be happy to take your booking over the phone as well.  785-856-8687  We don’t take a deposit, just the payment in full. No sales tax on Pedal Hopper Tours!

If you need to cancel (we can’t imagine why!) we offer a rain check or a full refund if the cancellation is more than 2 weeks out from the departure date.  No refunds or rain checks if the cancellation is less than two weeks out from the departure date.

On flat terrain about an average of 5-8mph… a quick jogging pace depending on the jogger…

Groups who like to pub crawl, bachelor/bachelorette parties, company outings, team building events, friends just looking to do something ridiculous and fun, picnics, family reunions, whatever you can think of! We’ve even had an exercise class more than a few times…

If you do not like the outdoors, or hate anything resembling exercise while you are having fun, or don’t want to be seen in a 16 person bike around town then it’s not for you. Keep in mind we have a 275 pound weight limit per seat.

The Pedal Hopper operates rain or shine. We live in Kansas City and can dress for the weather. It’s actually fun when it rains, groups have a blast! There is a roof on the Pedal Hopper so you won’t get too wet. If the weather is too severe and predicts 70% or more we will offer you a rain check or refund you, we don’t want to go out in that stuff either. If rain is predicted under 70% we roll rain or shine, sometimes the weather man isn’t always right about the rain! Keep in mind there will be no rain checks once the outing has begun. It’s actually fun in the rain, there is a roof on the Pedal Hopper so you don’t get that wet. If you are terrified of lightning or just hate rain too much to get a little bit wet, we won’t make anyone go out, we can work with you there.

You will be charged a late fee if you do not return the Pedal Hopper to the starting point on time.

We are closed from mid December through March 1st but sometimes we have groups that want to bundle up and brave the cold. If you’d like to book a ride when we are closed get in touch with Luke at (785)760-1984. Sometimes our pilots are out of town at that time but we will do our best to make it happen!

You must be 21 or older to ride the Pedal Hopper.

Riding the Pedal Hopper is quite safe but an accident could occur just like riding any bike. You should have a reasonable expectation that you could possibly fall off and scrape your knee.
We offer bike helmets because it’s prudent. You don’t have to wear one—that’s totally up to you. We have you sign a liability waiver to accept responsibility just in case you bump your noggin’.