Kansas City: City of Fountains

Kansas City: City of Fountains

We operate the original party bikes that have been operating over in Europe for over 21 years. We provide a group activity similar to a party bus (although alcohol is not allowed yet unfortunately), but the vehicle is entirely pedal-powered by you and all of your friends. We can guarantee a safe, fun and ridiculous way to do a pub crawl and celebrate a birthday, bachelor/bachelorette parties, weddings, corporate outings, you name it!


How it works…

The groups will generally choose 3 destinations along our route paths that they would like to visit throughout the ride. We will meet at the start/stop location and hop on board and begin pedaling to each desired destination. Our “pilot” will stop at the places you want to go, then guide you to your next destination. The rides usually consist of three 15-30 minute stops (depending on the route) with 15-30 minutes of ride time between the stops. Just tell your pilot where you would like to go when you show up, if you are unfamiliar with the area our pilot will have some good suggestions for you. You must have a group of 8-16 people, we do not pair up groups. All rides are 2 hours long.

Private Tours Only

We only offer the rental of the whole Pedal Hopper for a two hour flat rate for 8-16 people. We have tried to sell single seats in the past but had difficulty getting everyones schedule to line up.

Corporate Events

Cruise through the city  with good company, craft beers, and pedals beneath your feet.