If you are lucky enough to be paired up with our veteran pilot Alex, you won’t be disappointed. He comes to us from the great city of Philadelphia by way of New York, Rhode Island and San Francisco. His charming personality and uncontrollable good looks are sure to be a crowd pleaser! To ensure an unforgettable ride, just ask Alex to start your ride off with Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “I Like Big Butts” and watch him put some back into it!


My father always wanted me to play in the NFL with huge muscles dominating my opponents. However, my genetics and temperament led me down a different path. I instead chose to explore Colorado and establish myself has a pretty easy going, fun loving teacher with the summers off. Being a part of the Pedal Hopper has me continuing down this path of self-enlightenment. Cheers!


Having a good time is a full time job they say, that’s why I pilot Pedal Hopper tours part-time. Whether you like The Dead, Outlaw Country, or EDM; you are going to have a blast jamming and drinking your way through the hottest areas of Denver with a bunch of your friends and, of course, me – the captain of this good time voyage that is the Pedal Hopper!


Our Pilot Constantine Dean Lacas Vaganos prefers to go by Captain Dean and refers to our party bikes as his sweet magic mystery ship. He has captained a sail boat from Rhode Island to England, raced cars against Dale Earnhardt, and flown an airplane from Denver to Alaska in order to guide a sled of huskies in the famous Iditarod race. When he is not working to protect the environment, he drives the party for you. Captain Dean is over qualified to be our driver with his captain, pilot, and racing experience, however he loves to party, and believes that Pedal Hopper is the best party in Denver and wants to show you the when, where, why and how.


Born in a canoe in the heart of the Catskill mountains of New York, Eric roamed west looking for endless summer, but found smoggy freeways instead. After a short career painting roller coasters in the San Fernando Valley, he found himself in Colorado for a short stop where he turned his talents to Pedal Hopping. When he’s not driving bar bikes with the best of ’em, you can find him yelling out his window at meter maids, trying to drink the perfect martini, or working on learning a third dance move.


Hailing from Idaho, Jake is a beard-wielding, easy-going, outdoor-lovin’ type of guy. He’s a fan of all things beer, coffee, and kitty cat related. When Jake is not driving around for Pedal Hopper, he is most likely at his other job as a Wind Sorcerer or out exploring in the mountains.


I’ve always been an adventurous soul living life out of the ordinary. When I’m not checking my phone and liking pictures of cars on Facebook, I enjoy strip malls and impromptu trips to Boston Market (life’s too short not to get extra cornbread LOL). One thing I’m most proud of is my Conoco loyalty card which I’ve held in good standing for over a decade. The musical stylings of Will Smith are a little abrasive for me sometimes.


For many moons (since 1998 AD) Luke Stone has been, we like to say, a “successful college dropout” with a not your normal 9-5er lifestyle. If Luke is not piloting the bike you might find him in his glass shop making art, playing in one of his bands, tweeking knobs in his music studio or out seeing some live music. If you get him as your pilot there’s a very good chance he will be quite friendly, maybe a bit of a joker and/or a goof ball and will most likely enjoy himself as much as you will. He will be friendly to everybody even if you are an idiot, but not afraid to pull the ol’ whip out when it comes time… After completing 7 years of party bike pilot school at the Sweedish Party Bike Pilot Conservatory in 2010, he just may be one of the utmost fantastic pilots available.


If you’re a world traveler, chances are that you’ve bumped into our magnetic and charismatic (but mostly enigmatic) driver, Matt. Before being recruited to Denver, Matt took turns as a gondolier in Venice and a rickshaw puller in Calcutta. What makes him so well suited for the people moving craft? The patience of a child and the curiosity of a saint.

Max P

Max has lived on three continents, played music in live bluegrass bands on three continents, and met interesting people on three continents. One theme has been consistent throughout his travels: BICYCLES! A dedicated sober driver and Pedal Hopper pilot, Max is excited to get to know you and show you around this beautiful “green” city we call Denver.


Coming to manhood on the streets of Arvada, Colorado, Nate Dawg (as he is called in the ‘hood), is a true and proud Colorado native without the pretentiousness to advertise it on his bumper. When he is not enjoying Colorado’s beautiful summer and autumn you can find Nate Dawg spending his winters in tropical countries such and Thailand and Mexico, drinking out of coconuts and listening to mariachi music. In his free time, he is slightly obsessed with touching and crawling all over large vertical rock faces… but it’s while piloting large yellow trolley bikes around Denver his true passion comes out: starting the party. If you have Nate Dawg as your Pedal Hopper Pilot you can expect SDPs (Spontaneous Dance Parties) to occur every 15 to 20 minutes. Being half Latino, half Gringo; Nate Dawg is ready to bring the party and then whisper sweet nothings into your ear in Spanish… but only upon request.


Rob AKA Ron Mahogandy does, in fact, sit on a branch of Ron Burgundy’s family tree. After his Uncle Ron’s unsuccessful attempts to get him into evening network news, Rob pursued his true passion in life: being rad. The Hot Dog clad Pedal Pilot can also be found in the Folsom Skis factory, urging everyone to go to lunch early and doing non-nude (for now) modeling for Buns N’ Mustard Monthly.

Ted B

Born and raised north of Boston; Ted finished school in New York City and drove out west for big skies, open roads, and romantic ideas.  While his day job is in the education field, he adamantly believes being a Pedal Hopper Pilot is everything he has ever trained for.  Upon request, he will sing and dance…slow songs not excluded.

Ted K

A handsome Washington DC Native who’s been exploiting Colorado’s beautiful natural resources for almost 10 years. Cross your fingers that Ted K will be your driver and you can see what all the fuss is about.


Established in Wisconsin in 1985. Colorado native since 2009. Tim is the closest you’ll get to an O.G. Pedal Hopper driver. Let’s talk beer! Or not. Either way, let’s ride. Also, just a heads up, I might become your best friend. Even if it’s only for two hours.


What his colleagues call him: Dad (must be the dad bod, he has no kids).
What he calls himself: Professor Dirtbag.
Whilst not commanding the helm behind the Pedal Hopper you can find him yucking it up with some friends, playin’ the bass, running his open mic night, or running up the tab.


Where there is a Will, there is a way to have an awesome time guaranteed! He is large, technically in charge, and a man of many backgrounds. When Will is not making memories on the Pedal Hopper he is making the booze at Mile High Spirits Distillery or painting one of his French girls in the studio.